Welcome to BikeSafe!

The University of Miami BikeSafe program is an evidence-based injury prevention program focused on bicycle safety for children.

BikeSafe has three program missions: to reduce the number of pediatric injuries, increase physical activity, and improve the bikeability of the built environment.

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Train the Trainer.

Our online training course makes it easy for any school to teach the BikeSafe Curriculum.

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Great things happen while cycling.

Share your BikeSafe success story for an
opportunity to be featured on our blog.

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Bikes not required.

Our curriculum makes it possible to teach bicycle safety -
even if your school doesn’t have bicycles.

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Summer camp on two wheels.

Schools aren't the only ones who can have fun -
try the BikeSafe Parks Curriculum.


BikeSafe Educational Materials

Our off-bike curriculum is made for physical education classes without bicycle access.

Our on-bike curriculum is designed for parks and camps.

Lessons completed?

Submit an online completion form on behalf of your school or park.

What’s new?

News - September 29, 2022

The Value of Protected Bike Lane Education

Today's article is a personal reflection from our staff member Kurt Kaminer about his experiences in bicycle advocacy and where the future of equitable cycling education is headed.

News - May 3, 2022

Welcome, Joey!

What goes tick, tick, tick? A bicycle's freewheel.

News - March 29, 2021

The Velo Yellow Bikes: Part 3 – Done!

This is the final entry in the "Velo Yellow" kids track bike story from our resident bike expert, Kurt Kaminer:

News - June 23, 2020

Will COVID Bike Lanes Survive Cities?

Never mind toilet paper, COVID-19 has shown us that people haven’t forgotten about the humble bicycle. They have become the latest elusive product for commuting, recreation, and even business (deliveries, anyone?). Bike shops are out of stock, repairs are unstoppable, and according to Miami’s Coral Way Bicycle Shop, bike parts supplier J&B Importers sold 34,500 tubes in three days.