Welcome to BikeSafe!

The University of Miami BikeSafe program is an evidence-based injury prevention program focused on bicycle safety for children ages 10-14.

BikeSafe has three program missions: to reduce the number of pediatric injuries, increase physical activity, and improve the bikeability of the built environment.

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Train the Trainer.

Our online training course makes it easy for any school to teach the BikeSafe Curriculum.

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Great things happen while cycling.

Share your BikeSafe success story for an
opportunity to be featured on our blog.

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Bikes not required.

Our curriculum makes it possible to teach bicycle safety -
even if your school doesn’t have bicycles.

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Summer camp on two wheels.

Schools aren't the only ones who can have fun -
try the BikeSafe Parks Curriculum.


BikeSafe Curriculums

The four day, off-bike curriculum is for use in K-8 and middle schools.

The three hour on-bike curriculum is intended to be used in parks and camps.

Completed the curriculum?

All schools and parks must submit an online Curriculum Completion Form after implementing the curriculum.

What’s new?

News - August 13, 2019

Saving the Velo Yellows: A kids bicycle salvage story!

Our social marketing manager comes to us today with a story about his love for bicycles – and how it has led to three new members of the BikeSafe fleet!

News - June 19, 2019

Why protected bike lane projects (often) fail.

Don’t get us wrong – we love protected bike lanes. But it is difficult for anyone born and raised in an automobile-centric culture to understand what it feels like to commute on two wheels, braving the ever-spotty selection of bicycle facilities in a fearless game of Frogger to get to your destination.

News - May 13, 2019

Stop mandating coaster brakes for kids bikes

Let's take a stand in the name of making bicycle riding easier for kids for National Bike Month: Let's say "no" to mandated coaster brakes, a.k.a., the “foot brake.”

Photos & Videos

Bike to School Day 2019: National Bike Month

The morning of May 8th was #BestDayAtSchoolEver for the kids at Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach K-8! Everyone had a fantastic time celebrating National Bike to School Day. Huge thanks to the school, the city of Sunny Isles Beach, the Sunny Isles Beach PD, Mack Cycle, Bike305, South Florida Commuter Services, and everyone who helped to make this event possible.